1. Maule
    waste one's breath, to To talk in vain, because no one will listen. The idea that breath is something that can be saved or wasted dates from the sixteenth century (see also save your breath). Tennyson used the term in “In Memoriam” (): “I trust I have not wasted breath.”.
  2. Gardajin
    a waste of breath Talk or discussion that is without worth, done in vain, or likely to be ignored. Don't bother trying to change my mind about this, it's a waste of breath! It looks like my whole pitch to the board of directors ended up being a waste of breath.
  3. Vomuro
    If you waste your breath, you spend time and energy trying to give advice that is ignored: Honestly, you're wasting your breath - he doesn't want to hear what anyone else has got to say. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words.
  4. Kit
    waste of breathunknown. A waste of space or life. Stacey's so stupid, she's such a waste of breath! Get the waste of breath neck gaiter and mug.
  5. Brajas
    Waste of Breath Lyrics It's no good it would be a waste of breath to tell a man who believes in me that he's got something better to do It's no good it would be a waste of breath to tell a man that.
  6. Darr
    Waste Of Breath Lyrics. You paint your leather jacket but it comes off in the rain. And the more you cut your hair the more it grows again. The badges you pin on yourself fall off or start to rust.

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