1. Gurisar
    verb (used with object) to call upon to do something specified. to call for the presence of, as by command, message, or signal; call. to call or notify to appear at a specified place, especially before a court: to summon .
  2. Fejas
    1. send for, call, bid, invite, rally, assemble, convene, call together, convoke Howe summoned a doctor and hurried over. 2. (often with up) gather, muster, draw on, invoke, mobilize, call into action We couldn't even summon up the energy to open the envelope.
  3. Goltikus
    Summon definition is - to issue a call to convene: convoke. How to use summon in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of summon.
  4. Tusar
    summoned definition: 1. past simple and past participle of summon 2. to order someone to come to or be present at a. Learn more.
  5. Masho
    noun, plural sum·mons·es. an authoritative command, message, or signal by which one is summoned. a request, demand, or call to do something: a summons to surrender.
  6. Mirisar
    The American people have summoned the change we celebrate today. So, before Austin spoke, she half divined why he had summoned her. She had been summoned to the last meal of the day, but had forgotten the summons. There was not time for further talk—they were summoned to the new room.
  7. Kigataur
    10 synonyms of summoned from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 39 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for summoned. Summoned: to demand or request the presence or service of.
  8. Gujas
    'Summoned' is an adventure/fantasy short film about Elizabeth, a former rebel, who seizes her chance to return to her King. However coming out of hiding brings the rebel captain Wolf and his scouts hounding her trail in an effort to stop her at all costs/10(7).
  9. Gugis
    "The Summoned" is a supernatural horror movie that wastes cult actors Michelle Bauer and Robert Z'Dar in nothing roles. The plot is uninteresting and follows an abused and cheated wife who performs a séance to find a dream lover. But instead she gets a demon lover, an incubus. The women are attractive and disrobe often/10(43).

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