1. Vudoshura
    Apr 19,  · Number two, sex is to be enjoyed only in marriage. First Corinthians says “Flee from sexual immorality.” The word is πορνείαν, that is, fornication. There is a difference between πορνείαν and μοιχεία. Μοιχεία is adultery and πορνείαν is fornication. There is illicit sex in marriage; it is called.
  2. Samugar
    In marriage, this sex induced bonding is a good thing, but outside of marriage, it can be a very bad thing. Sex, including sexual contact far short of intercourse, clouds our ability to make intelligent, rational decisions about the person we are being sexual with.
  3. Gojas
    Feb 05,  · Your long-distance marriage will fail if there is a lack of trust between you. Be honest about your concerns and fears about your separation. Some couples find that long-distance marriage is easier than other long-distance relationships because they worry less about the .
  4. Samunris
    Oct 18,  · What is a Long Distance Marriage? Who knew, but long distance couples account for over 1 million couples in the USA and this number is continuing to grow. There are a few flavours of this: Couples where one spouse goes away for weeks or months at a time for work. Military couples would be an example of this.
  5. Mikora
    Jun 28,  · God does the same kind of work in marriage and dating. As we walk up to the edge of marriage, we draw close to something so much bigger than ourselves. There’s a power and a mystery in love like this. But what do we lose as we learn to move as little as possible? David Mathis Sep 20, K Shares Look at the Book.
  6. Tazshura
    Dec 14,  · 2) The pressures and losing one's identity that come with marriage: As independent as you may think you are, marriage is about give and take (and that's how it should be), but some people don't want to lose their independence and give so equally. These people should not be in a marriage because it doesn't work unless it's equal all the way through.
  7. Yokasa
    Marriage is a vocation to holiness. From their first days as husband and wife through their golden years, married couples have the awesome task of witnessing to God’s faithful love to each other, their children, and society. No couple does this perfectly, and everyone needs help when love feels strained and the going gets tough. More →.
  8. Aracage
    Oct 18,  · Marriage 5 Truths About Marriage Happily ever after is not always the end result of a perfectly planned wedding. Posted Oct 18,
  9. Danris
    Apr 16,  · If you want to save your marriage, you and your spouse need to address what’s happening and take steps to re-establish the mutual respect in your marriage as soon as possible.

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