1. Nem
    Here's to you,as good as you are, And here's to me, as bad as I am But as good as you are, and as bad as I am, I am as good as you are, as bad as I am. 4, Views Collection Edit.
  2. Fetaxe
    AS GOOD AS YOU is a serious comedy about trying to grieve the right way, and maybe growing up a bit in the process.5/5(4).
  3. Vim
    as good as 1. The same quality as; comparable to. Just use this toothpaste—it's as good as that fancy brand you usually get. 2. Essentially; nearly the same as. The turkey is as good as finished, so please start setting the table. I'm as good as grounded if I don't get home before my curfew. See also: good as good as (something) In every practical or.
  4. Zolokazahn
    Jan 25,  · Here’s to you, as good as you are. Nonnie parties it up on her 99th birthday. My great-grandmother, Rose Ella Watson, came into this in world in late May of Since then, she has lived through two world wars, a great depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and even 9/ She was one of the people who reacted hysterically during Orson Welles’ dramatic reading of “The War of The .
  5. Tugis
    Sep 20,  · As good as definition: ' As good as ' can be used to mean ' almost.' | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  6. Faulkree
    One of the more popular rationalizations (and it is just that-a rationalization rather than a justification) is that, "I'm just as good as other people" or, if they are especially upset, "I'm just as good as you. "C. S. Lewis wisely points out in an essay of his that such a person is admitting far more about himself than he may ever realize.
  7. Mikalrajas
    This is as good as they get. This is as good as they ‘ll ever get at playing the piano. An easier way perhaps to remember the correct form of the PRONOUN – and using the same expression – is simply to drop the letter i from the word it and drive on from there. This is as good as it gets. This is as good as I .
  8. Daitaur
    May 09,  · You will be surprised to note that meditation has the same effect on our brains as sex. In both cases, there is a rush of blood to the pre-frontal area of the brain.

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